This morning, I began my day as most others that involve flying. I arose at 4:45 am, had a wonderful time in Biblical meditation communing with the Lord, and left the house at 6 am. As I drove our Kawasaki Mule up the trail, two of our Kamea boys met me along the road. Since it is a common rule that “nobody knows how old they are,” we can only guess at the ages of these two little guys.

I’ve noticed that Morgan has been around for quite a while, and the first memory I have of him is the day his mom passed away. He was in the hut with his older brother and a younger sister. While I preached on eternity less than 100 yards away, the three of them had been waiting for her to wake up that fateful Sunday. He had a pretty bad cut above his eye, and I brought him and his two siblings to my house, and gave them each a bath in our bathtub–quite possibly the first time any of them had washed in warm water. He was quite small, and that was about 6 years ago. So, I guess Morgan (we used to call him “Muki” back then) would be about 10 years old.

Peter is Morgan’s friend, and is about the same size. I never noticed Peter until he broke his arm. He wore a cast for quite a long time, and that was when I noticed his smile the most. It was persistent. Always smiling.

This morning, I was headed up the trail on the UTV, and I came across Morgan and Peter. It was early in the morning, and they asked if they could […]