It’s Wednesday evening, and I’m sitting in church as I think about the irony of what surrounds me. I’m sitting in the middle of a group of small Kamea boys to try to calm them down, and try my best to keep them from distracting everyone else’s attention from the Pastor’s message.

To my right, Noel is scraping the dirt off his toes with a razor blade.
To my left, Pex and Job are playing marbles, using poisonous, oblong, seasonal seeds.
Right behind me, Caleb is forcefully (and loudly) pulling phlegm back into his throat. Again and again. I think I’m going to throw up.
Juwen has fallen asleep right in front of me, and the puddle of drool on his leg is approaching three inches in diameter.
Konden is “all dressed up” for church–his pink sweatpants clash nicely with the red button-up shirt he has on backwards. Nobody seems to care, so why bother changing it?
All these boys are within an arms reach of me.
The little boy that I don’t know is just out of reach, and he just decided to smack someone in the head.

My pilot’s mind wants to push a button and make this chaos stop.

This day is approaching its end, and it has been a long day. In fact, its been a long week. Last week, we had horrible winds out of the south and that caused flights to be put off until Saturday. I usually try to take Saturday’s off, but last week, I had to move preachers and missionaries on Saturday. Sunday was the normal day of ministerial busy-ness, with preaching, counseling, and the other stuff that we missionaries do on Sunday. Monday was filled with a flight to Port Moresby dropping off […]