She Might Fly Back to this Jungle!

IMG_2494SmolA few weeks ago, I wrote about how God orchestrated an amazing story where a broken skid-steer engine got replaced in time for a young lady with eight years’ experience in heavy equipment to walk out of the jungle and drive it up the mountain.

For those that missed the blog post, you can read it here.

Naomi stayed for 8 days here at Kotidanga, and she got a road dug out to about 3/4 of the way up the mountain. Since she left, the local men have been working hard to complete this road–by hand (yes, that means that they are digging the road out with shovels and picks) to get the road up to the top of the mountain. This is the same mountain we need to knock down in order to finish our airstrip.

She left with a promise to the men working on the airstrip: “I will do my best to get back here.” She went back to Australia (her home country) and immediately began selling her stuff. I think I remember something like that in Matthew 19, where Jesus told a rich young man that the only thing he lacked in his walk with God was his attachment to stuff. That rich young man decided to keep his stuff and walk his own path. It looks to me that Naomi is taking Jesus serious–and walking away from her stuff.

This past week, we have been corresponding a lot about her return trip, and here’s the plan. Her goal is to return around April 27, and be here for two months. She needs $3,855 for the 2-month […]

Prayer Letter–February/March 2013

Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. –Romans 5:1

Sin reigned unto death; but grace reigned unto life. Much more than the death brought by the first Adam, we have life through the second Adam, and that is received alone by faith. What a simple, yet profound thought. We were hopeless in our sin; but God sent His Son to draw us to Himself. What a Savior!
We are now a month into the last year of Bible School for our six students. I’ve watched as these men have grown spiritually, and at times I have been overwhelmed at their dedication to the Lord.Two of them are involved in the church-plant at Aminawa with Missionary Andrew Schellenberger; two of them are helping my dad John Allen at Ipaiyu; and next month two of them will go with me to start a new church, but I am getting ahead of myself.
In my last prayer letter, I wrote about a survey I did of the Titikaini area.My heart was burdened more than I can remember in recent years. We have been praying about that area, and the enormous open door that is there. Thousands of Kamea people have migrated to the Titikaini area due to its abundance of food, wildlife, and access to a major road.One afternoon shortly after the survey trip, we held a time of debriefing and prayer. As I wept, broken over the lost condition of the people there, I began to feel God tug my heart with the question, “Why not you?” Lord willing, within the next month, I will begin flying there every week to start a church. Please pray as I take Bible School […]

She just walked out of the jungle!

We have been building an airstrip in Kotidanga since October 2005. It seems this thing will be my un-doing. I will either go gray from it, lose all my hair, or just keel over dead after it sucks all my life away. But at the New Year service this year, we outlined items for prayer, and I was encouraged as one of the prayer topics for this year is: The airstrip to be completed in 2013.

Let me tell you about some things that God has done to make that actually happen–

In 2006, a church in Maryland donated the money for us to buy a New Holland Skid Steer Loader and we were able to ship it over, including a chopper lift to get it into Kotidanga. That alone was pretty awesome.

Then, in 2007, God gave us a Papua New Guinean man to help drive it. And drive it, he did. He dug with that machine for the next 18 months. We watched as the jungle turned into a long, mostly-straight piece of dirt. Pilots that flew over the valley didn’t know the name of the village, but they did frequently refer to our place as the “Dirt Patch.”

Due to some very unfortunate circumstances, our driver had to leave the next year, and the project came to a stand-still for almost an entire year. During that time, I began to pray that God would give us a new driver, and one that had a heart for God.

At this point, it was 2010 and we got to meet Mr. Ricky Beyaba. After his 39 years working with another mission organization here in PNG (where one of his jobs was helping to build airstrips!) he decided to […]