Right now, I’m lying on the floor. It’s 7:15 pm, and almost everybody in the village has already scurried off to bed. Night falls fast in the jungle.

It’s hot. Sweat drips from my cheek down into my ear as I hold my phone to type. Crickets chirp, frogs croak, the rainforest is alive tonight–especially after today’s heavy rainfall.

Four other young men lie scattered around the room, each under a mosquito net. Two of them are Kamea Bible School students; two of them are American college students. There are rumbles of voices coming from under the mosquito nets–one of the Kamea men is audibly reading his Bible, while the American students discuss the finer points of “taking my yoke upon you.”

In my heart, I know that this is what God has called me to do–train servants of the Kingdom. I’ve watched these Kamea preachers mature in the Scriptures, and now I get to watch them in action reaching others.

So often, I am asked by young people, “How do I know whether God wants me to be a missionary?” or “Where does God want me to serve Him?”

Let me boil it down to this–God wants you to make the most you can of Him while you love Him in the midst of the job.

Some would say, “I could never put up with the heat.” Let me point out that people actually move to Florida for the heat! It’s all a matter of perspective.

He isn’t a grouch looking for a chance to doom you to a life of malaria. And He isn’t a pansy begging you to go.

He is an awesome God, worth talking about, and worth enjoying while we work.