Having completed Bible School classes in Kotidanga for the 2013 class, it is now time for us to focus on building in Port Moresby. The backhoe is almost finished clearing the land, and we are now at peace to move forward.

We had another clan claim ownership to the land that we have purchased for the new ministry; however God miraculously made hearts tender, and we settled that issue today. Tomorrow, we return to Kotidanga to spend our last Christmas with the Kamea people.

Lord willing, I will return to Port Moresby on Monday, December 30 to setup a “camp” on the land. This will be a shelter, where I will live along with several other local men as we begin to lay the foundation for our new house. Right now, there is nothing on the land–we don’t have electricity, water, or any structure…it’s a blank canvas! We will put up a “tarp house” and carry water from a well down the road to wash and drink. This is the ultimate in a Camping Out experience!

December through March is the hottest time of the year here in PNG, and Port Moresby is one of the hottest cities in the country. We will go through a lot of water, but the plan is to load many 5 gallon containers in the back of the truck and drive them to the campsite. There, we will use it carefully, and refill them as often as necessary. But eventually, we need to get a well dug on site.

Twelve men have airline tickets ready for mid-February from Marlbrook Baptist Church in Raphine, Virginia. I’d like to have the foundation in the ground, and the block walls up before they arrive. That […]