In the last few months, we enjoyed the company of two different church groups. And both of them were awesome!

The first group came from our home church (Landmark Baptist Church in Louisville, KY) and was led by my pastor Matt Anders. Now, some missionaries might cringe when their home church sends their pastor to the field, but since the last time my home church sent their pastor, we kept him as a missionary, I figured we were putting up pretty good averages.
Pastor Matt did what every home church pastor needs to do–he came to observe and be a blessing. Most folks mean “Take you to McDonalds” when they say “be a blessing” but what he did was awesome for my family–he came and walked where we walked. He laughed with us, and he sat and played board games with my children. He displayed a pastor’s heart.

The second group came from Marlbrook Baptist Church in Raphine, Virginia, led by Pastor Larry Wright. Eleven men came for the express purpose of being a blessing to us in helping us build our new house in Port Moresby. These guys did everything–worked in the sun, worked in the rain, sweated their guts out, and they even mixed (lots of) concrete in wheelbarrows! They were here for eight days, and on Sunday I got to take them into one of the local villages after church. That turned out to be a highlight of the trip–and they got to be exposed to real-life missions in Papua New Guinea.

So whether you are 9 or 90, you should take a missions trip. Not a missions-vacation, but go help and see. You might just end up staying.