Out of Every Tongue

Today’s church service was a little different from normal. We had two pastors from the Ihu area preach this morning–one in Sunday School, the other during the morning’s main service.

As church services came to an end, Pastor James was giving an invitation and I began to hear people praying around me. Many times, our people will pray in quiet audible tones. And that’s when it struck me–I was praying in Pidgin from my heart, but Pastor Jerry was praying next to me in Orokolo. Preacher Jack was on my other side, praying in the Kamea language, and Ricky was praying behind me in Gadsup language.

How many lanugages were represented today? After church I took a look around and began asking that question. I came up with nine languages represented in our congregation of about 180 people.

Most of the people were Kamea, since we live right in the heart of Kamea-land; but Baimiri is from Akoye and that is her heart-language. Pastors Jerry, Murphy, and Maisa (who are visiting for the Pastor’s School this week) are all Orokolo men. (What a manly language it is, too!) Pastor David is from Baimuru and he has two heart languages, one from his dad and one from his mom–Koriki and Eare. Pastor Jorim is from Kaintiba and he speaks Hamtai. Ricky and his wife are from Asarunka in the Eastern Highlands Province and they speak Gadsup. Of course, Tok Pisin (aka Pidgin) is the trade language, and all of the missionaries speak English, especially the large number of them that we have here from Wyoming. (We almost have more people here from Wyoming than Wyoming has people living in it!)

This morning’s church service gave […]

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Why do we pick these days?!

This week we will be hosting a “graduate level” Pastor’s School for our graduates and the pastors from Ihu. This has involved a lot of planning and preparation on the parts of the speakers–my dad (aka John Allen), Pastor James, Missionary Andrew Schellenberger, Missionary Jason Ottosen, and myself.

This past Tuesday, I flew up to Menyamya and bought the food for the meeting–these guys are going to consume a lot of rice, tuna fish, and noodles, along with the staple local kaukau, taro and bananas. The weather on Tuesday was gorgeous. For that matter, the weather for the last two weeks has been gorgeous!

For the last two weeks, we have been planning to pick up the national pastors today–it’s the best day that fits in the calendar, and with the weather having co-operated so well, why not get them today?! The classes start on Monday morning, and tomorrow is Sunday which is the day I like to be involved in church services (and NOT flying an airplane).

This morning, Andrew Schellenberger and I left our houses at 6 am, headed to the airstrip. It’s a 45-minute drive away in the Kawasaki Mule. Some places have to be in 4-wheel drive with the differential locked…but that’s another story for another day.

Usually, on good weather days, we drive in the early morning fog up the Kotidanga side of the mountain, and break out of the fog near the top of the mountain. But today, the fog covered the top of the mountain.

As I crested the top, I began to see patches of blue sky…and then I could see mountains on the far side of the Tauri River Valley. This valley is 8 miles wide, and those mountains looked […]

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