Through mighty signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God…I have fully preached the gospel of Christ. –Romans 15:19

Obviously Paul had not led every single person in Asia Minor to Christ, but he definitely gave it his best attempt. Walking for days, ship-wrecks, stonings, slanders, and occasionally getting to watch a Thessalonian church grow in spite of his absence, he now ponders back upon his years of service. In verse 23 he proclaims, “…now having no more place in these parts…” The Apostle had completed his task in that part of the world, and was moving on to Rome and then Spain.

This feeling floods my soul as I look back on the last 10 years here in Kamea-land (not the stonings or ship-wrecks, thankfully). Numerous churches have been started. Many men have been trained for the ministry. The national leadership has stepped up to the task of evangelizing their own. There is work to be done. Just as Paul needed Timothy, Titus, Apollos, and others to continue working in those parts, I still see a huge need for other missionaries, like my parents and others to continue here among the Kamea–Bible translation and medical ministries continue to open doors. More churches need to be started and more men need training. Yet I have that unsettledness that Paul felt–his job was complete, and it was time for him to go somewhere else and do it again.

The Lord has provided direction for our family, and I plan to announce that in the next prayer letter. It will be a BIG step for our family; but God has already opened doors I never thought possible. The goal is to reach the world; […]