MattInHatI’m sure that my most-revered Grammar-and-Composition teacher from high school will most likely have a mild heart-attack when (if…who am I kidding?) she reads this blog post, but I’m going to start off with what I’m not supposed to start off with–

This is my first blog ever. So, while I am new at making a blog, I’m definitely not new to reading them. I’d like to be frank on this blog, and I’d like to try not to use very many more “I’s” in this paragraph. So while you will be reading what the guy formerly known as “I” write, hopefully what you read will be interesting.

I love missions. I exist for two purposes. (Please don’t correct me with responses like “No, you exist to bring glory to God.” That’s why we all exist.) I exist for church-planting and disciple-making. Those two cannot be divorced. Too often one or the other is attempted, but they must go hand-in-hand. More on that in a later post. This post is all about it being my first post on a blog. So suffice it to say that we’ll be talking about church-planting and disciple-making. And the Bible. And God. And Sunday School.

What makes me a little bit unique is the fact that I live in Papua New Guinea. Time here means nothing. As one Papua New Guinean put it, “We have no clocks, but a lot of time. Americans have a lot of clocks, but no time.” To the outsider, the culture is completely bizarre. The sights, the smells, the reactions and ways of thinking–its all very different. But after nine years here, I believe I love these people.

I’m quite sarcastic. Humor is my way of dealing with conflict, both in my heart and in my surroundings. Sarcastic humor. Please don’t think that I am angry at the world, or that I hate anybody. Know that what I write comes from my heart. And that I’m writing the forward to a book…without having written the book. Nice. (Note: That was sarcasm. More than likely, I will not continually identify it.)

I’m a pilot. So you’ll eventually hear about airplanes. And weather. Those can’t be divorced either.

So that makes me a missionary in Papua New Guinea that flies an airplane. And is currently the director of a growing mission organization that can be found at So my plate is a little bit full. But I promise to do my best to keep this blog updated. (Who am I kidding? The only promise I should make is to not start so many sentences with conjunctions next time.)