In our last blog post, we announced that God is leading us to Port Moresby to start a new ministry that will partner with the existing churches in order to train men and women to go do what we have already been doing for the last ten years.

I’d like to give some more information as to what this new ministry will look like. Basically, it can be broken into four bite-size pieces: church, school, college, and camp.

    1. Capitol City Baptist Church I do believe strongly that Christ instituted the church and that He works through the local church. It would be counter-productive to do this work without doing it through a local church.Our target demographic is the foreign community. There is already a large community of Filipino, Pakistani, Indonesian, Australian, Chinese, Indian, American, Canadian and other nationalities living in Port Moresby. In addition to these, there is a rapidly growing community of foreign workers who are coming for the mining work. Estimates of 15,000 new foreign workers are being stated for the new mining project scheduled to be on track by the end of this year!In a nutshell, it is difficult for Papua New Guineans to be accepted across the cultural barrier. However, foreigners are instantly attracted to other foreigners. God has proven this repeatedly to Becky and me as we have met other foreigners in Moresby who have invited us into their homes and opened up in ways that rarely, if ever happen with the local pastors.Obviously, we want to reach Papua New Guineans–we have been doing that for ten years! But we want to help Papua New Guineans reach a part of their country that they are having difficulty doing by themselves.
    2. South Pacific International AcademyIt is my dream to open a first-class, Christian school utilizing the A Beka curriculum. We will need to start small, but Lord willing I’d like to see this going in about 18 months. We will need teaching staff, and I am praying that God will send a school administrator to alleviate that burden from my shoulders. I want to see this happen, but I honestly don’t have the time to be the facilitator.
    3. South Pacific Christian UniversityThis is part 2 of what I love to do. I have been devoted to church-planting (thus, Capitol City Baptist Church…and all the churches among the Kamea!) and disciple-making (South Pacific Christian University). I dream of one day being an old man, sitting in the corner of the platform, having passed the reigns for the school on to someone else, as hundreds of students walk across the platform to receive their diplomas and march onto the mission field. On that day, you will see a grin on my face.I want to start with training men and women in ministry-related studies (Bible, Pastoral, Missions, Youth, Music, Education) and eventually branch into other areas that can be used as tools to help missions (Nursing and Aviation). This, too, will require a large staff of teachers and professors with a heart to train the next generation of leaders.
    4. Capitol City Baptist CampgroundI want to make the camp available to local pastors who want to hold camps for their young people, or as a retreat for their men, ladies, or couples. I’d also like to see our church host various camps throughout the year. Simply, this would be a place to draw away from the hustle of the city life and draw nearer to God.

Right now, we are in the middle of discussions about land. We are trying to get a piece of land that is about 14 acres. Land prices are outrageous here in Port Moresby but we serve an awesome, miracle-working God who is able to do way more than we could ever imagine.

Would you pray with us that God will open doors for the land?
And then, would you pray for laborers for this new ministry?