IMG_2494SmolA few weeks ago, I wrote about how God orchestrated an amazing story where a broken skid-steer engine got replaced in time for a young lady with eight years’ experience in heavy equipment to walk out of the jungle and drive it up the mountain.

For those that missed the blog post, you can read it here.

Naomi stayed for 8 days here at Kotidanga, and she got a road dug out to about 3/4 of the way up the mountain. Since she left, the local men have been working hard to complete this road–by hand (yes, that means that they are digging the road out with shovels and picks) to get the road up to the top of the mountain. This is the same mountain we need to knock down in order to finish our airstrip.

She left with a promise to the men working on the airstrip: “I will do my best to get back here.” She went back to Australia (her home country) and immediately began selling her stuff. I think I remember something like that in Matthew 19, where Jesus told a rich young man that the only thing he lacked in his walk with God was his attachment to stuff. That rich young man decided to keep his stuff and walk his own path. It looks to me that Naomi is taking Jesus serious–and walking away from her stuff.

This past week, we have been corresponding a lot about her return trip, and here’s the plan. Her goal is to return around April 27, and be here for two months. She needs $3,855 for the 2-month trip to dig out this mountain, using our small bulldozer. So far, in the first three days, $923.55 has already been given. If you’d like to be a part of this project, you can help financially by going to our secure giving page.

I’m working hard to get 10 big steel drums of diesel purchased and flown in here in preparation for her return. The local men are digging a road to get that machine to the top of the mountain before she gets back. She plans to knock down this mountain with the machine.

And we all are praying that the Kotidanga Airstrip will be completed this year.

Disclaimer: Naomi McCutcheon is not a full-time TTMK missionary. Instead, she is a young believer who simply wants to give her life to God to be used however He wants to use her. God has given her certain talents and abilities, and she just wants to let Him use those for His eternal purposes. I really think she just might end up inspiring other people to do similar things on a short-term basis.